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The African Perspective (TAP) magazine is an online/Print Pan-African magazine that was started by a young African youth while studying in Canada after being frustrated with seeing how Africa and Africans were often portrayed in the global media. At TAP, we challenge and offer a different perspective to old and popular status quo narratives about Africa by informing, challenging and empowering the new generation of Africans with a new thinking and perspective; our vision is to be the benchmark Africa’s storyteller in the next five years. Over the past two years, we’ve had over 2 million reads, 333,000 PLUS views on Google+. TAP is also the premium East African diaspora magazine in North America.

Here you can be free to speak your mind, and have an opportunity to be heard by our vast number of audience. If there is a topic you feel should be tackled, please let us know by sending us an email to the provided addresses in the Contact us section.

The African Perspective Magazine

An African Magazine

Telling the African story to the world, unbiased,uncensored and from a balanced perspective.

Africa’s story from an African Perspective

Our vision is to build the reputation of being the most influential, dependable and highly respected, cultural and educational (online) portal magazine that inspires innovation and provides content readership to the African community and policy decision makers. Where individuals and organizations turn for educational and entertainment.


Reasons for an African Perspective medium are infinite. In the 21 century, Africans should not be pointing fingers at western media outlets and blaming them for their “poverty agenda” on Africa among other things. Its time for us to own up to the challenge of telling our own stories and lives.

General Inquiries

For general inquiries, please send us an email at info@tapmagonline.com.

If you would like us to feature your story, if you’re a writer, a model or an artist and you would like to appear on TAP. Email us at info@tapmagonline.com.