It’s happened before… (Love Poem By Grace Mahogany)

I said I didn’t mind it
I knew, I knew it
Girls like I, look for it,
And end up being hurt
Girls like I, we do not
Get there, we don’t
Evolve into trophy wives
Or steady girlfriends
No, not adornable weaklings!
Hm! Didn’t stop me!
I, wanted you, for me
felt it only natural that you, me
We……would……….could, just be,
Y’know, a perhaps-maybe
I could envision it all
How you’d shatter my wall
And I’d give you my all
…you’d let me………
Then let me, be me
But you chose to go.
Just like Jörgen,
Before you; they all came
And no blood do you share
But brothers you must be!
For you haven’t behaved any more
Than they….
SU-HUH-UCH a familiar way…..
I knew I had seen you
Only, it wasn’t you
Was it?…..You?
Oh my, such a Hypo I’ve become
Talkin’ ‘bout…never will I cage them
No, we’re all individuals, even THEM!
But, but, you see: it wasn’t MEEE!!
How could I see clearly?
My eyes with tears so blurry
And your silhouette the same height as Jörgen’s
Your voice so similar to Adé’s
Your smile as bright as Shema’s
Your touch oh so like bhut’ Hlatswayo’s!!
Never mind what was Gratien’s.
My, my, my
Wait, I will try and look at it, I’ll use m’ head:
We chatted,
….. talked,
…and mused
….and carried….
…..On and on
Like it was oh so ON
words did you say…..never turned a 7 on your tongue
They came out running
Confident and promising
So assuring
….even appeared loving
*giggles* I like my rings in silver 🙂
White with red are so there!
The shoes won’t make me taller,
And guess what, it’s a no-brainer
I will write my own vows…it’s befitting
Don’t you think?
Hold on though
Did I not say, Did I not say….
You need not stay?
Whispers:…or was I too alluring in my way….?
Ok, but still, did I not say, did I not say…..
You need not love me?
Whispers:…or were my actions so inviting, so…….me?
Fine! I said though, I said, I said……
I am alright, alone…….I said….
I did……SSSssssaaaaay….
Truly, did I, did I not say
You have no obligation,
No condition
I said it! It should count: my opinion!
You did not listen
Wouldn’t listen
Possibly, take it in
So, full circle I’ve come
And I sit with words borne
From raised knob
To done lump
Spilt moan.
Thought to
Wording to
Rhyming to
Me speakin’ to
Me……of you gone,
me done
I write, and as I write
I say it’s in the past
And I won’t be downcast
Though I mourn so amply
I stay, giddy
Yé, giddy
So giddy
For the next, to be ready.
For, you see, though love-sore,
It HAS happened before.
Poem by Grace Mahogany
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