Elect Your Dreams, Not Your Leaders

zimbabwe-300x199So an election day is approaching. I cringe, being so far away. And my fear is not from the violence of yesteryears. Even those that spill blood choke from the toxic fumes of change in the air. My fellow Zimbabweans, I was with you long enough to appreciate that you are ardent dreamers. There is so much beauty in our country that could filter into our dreamscape and remind us of our resilience, dignity and resolve to get back to our former self. There is so much hurt floating around, yet enough hope to puncture the skin of that hot air balloon of uncertainty that keeps our skies tainted. We are!

I find it sad that I am apolitical at this moment. I do not rest my hopes in Zanu PF or the MDC. I rest my hopes in electing that perfect dream. Politics is a dirty game, not because of the wrestlers in it, but because of the clotted, poisonous mud they wrestle in. It stains the very clean ideals that sailed us towards April 18, 1980, and makes a mockery of that crisply ironed flag that rose on that day.

The fish eagle on our flag to me represents nothing but a renewed will to revisit the waters and relish once again in one fruitful catch of the day.I could care less for constitutional reform. The task at hand is to reform our hearts, minds and souls. The task is to rediscover what constitutes the ideals of what makes Zimbabwe the beautiful country it has always been. It pains me to have conversations with people in North America, whose tongues have tasted distorted fruit about our beautiful land. It seems every time they approach our beautiful tree, they do not look up at the ripe fruit, but pick up the rotten ones on the ground.

Our hearts are our ballot box. If we reach inside, we know where to put the X. I’m so exhausted from being afraid to search for my dream. I am too tired of walking unfamiliar streets, and momentarily seeing my proud flag wave at me from an embassy building. I cannot find peace in the fish eagle sitting there motionless, instead of finding new waters to explore. My fellow Zimbabweans, you are worth more. Elect that dream that you have so long been waiting for.

By Mbonisi Zikhali Zomkhontovisit Zomkhonto blog at zomkhonto.wordpress.com

About zomkhontoI am a poet, writer, social commentator and grassroots advocate who hails from Zimbabwe, Africa. I believe as life unravels, so does possibilities to change the circumstances that govern it.