Fashion by Iman Nakhala


Fashion by Iman Nakhala

Iman is not your typical African designer. Matter fact, she’s not even African. What she is though, is a young, extremely talented and passionate designer who is slowly making her mark in the fashion industry. That said, fashion isn’t the only thing that Iman has a passion for. When she’s not teaming up with Burundian model, artist and designer Jean Luc Muhire to raise money and help provide education and life’s basic necessities for children in Burundi orphanages, she’s raising funds in Montreal for breast cancer awareness among other philanthropic causes. Interestingly, Iman’s first fashion line was inspired by her travels to Morocco and she continues to have a soft heart for Africa which is often replicated in her work. Below is her story and some of her designs. For her full catalog visit Iman Nakhala.Com


How did you get into the fashion industry, give us an introduction of your fashion line, who inspires you?

Well I always knew that I liked art very much. For me it was a way of communicating and where I most found myself. But I guess like most parents, mine didn’t want me to go into that field. They wanted to be a doctor or an engineer like my siblings. After I got my bachelor’s degree in Modern languages, I knew I wasn’t completely fulfilled; like something was missing. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to be an artist. At 20, with my first ”real” job as an adult, I was unhappy because I didn’t want to be just another number in an office. Not even a year into the job, I had an epiphany, quit my job and went back to school to get a fashion degree. This so far was the best decision I took in my entire life. I am truly blessed, lucky and so thankful to have found my passion at a young age. Fashion for me is like air, I love it and I breath it. Colors, textures and bold prints—it’s what I love and it’s what keeps me going.


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My first fashion line, which  was presented at Ottawa Fashion Week, is inspired by my travels to Morocco. A beautiful African country with ethnical diversity, rich culture and civilization. Everything mesmerized me; nature, people but most importantly the simplicity of life. I loved the richness of the fabrics and the detailing found in the garment making. Everything is handmade from a little silk thread, like how awesome is that! So I knew that I needed to pay tribute to this beautiful land by making clothes inspired by it.


Katie Pershin Photography

Everything in life inspires me to create. But my biggest inspiration of all is Elie Saab. I love him!! Can’t say more. He’s so amazingly talented.


Katie Pershin Photography

Events and fashions you’ve been featured in

I was at OFW in winter 2013 and from there everything just came smoothly. I met Jean Luc Muhire, a really amazing man with a purpose. I collaborated with him in his charity events to raise money for Burundi and help children get education  along with life’s basic necessities.


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Currently, I am collaborating in 2 charity events in Montreal to raise money for breast cancer awareness. I have a few events in line but I am also working on my spring/summer collection, which I will be presenting in Ottawa this September.


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All of my pieces are detailed, so styling them is really easy—be minimalistic. Neutral shoes, simple jewelry and beautiful hairdos. I want women to feel like princesses when wearing my designs, to feel elegant and feminine.