Fay The Nomad

For the love of travel

Why do you consider yourself a nomad, how has traveling influenced your perception of the world and the things you believe in?

I have a slogan on my travel page and it says” Nomad by blood and lifestyle” those words resonate because I feel that I have been a nomad from birth. My parents migrated from Somalia to Sweden when I was only a few months old and since then I have lived in 9 countries across 3 continents. To a large extent, my lifestyle and work enables my nomadic lifestyle from working on the continent to discovering new cities and cultures for leisure. I absolutely love it, especially discovering the diverse culture and beauties of Africa, so far, I have been able to visit 12 countries in Africa and hopefully will explore the continent further.



BAW POT ROUGE by A A K S was founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi

Country: Ghana, Elle Lokko

Story: I have been a fan of AKKS bags as they are handcrafted in Ghana and the stylish bags as described by the brand “maintain the spirit and durability of their ancestral counterparts characterized by bright exuberant colours”.


Travelling has definitely influenced my perception of the world around me and defined who I am, I am so humbled to have meet some amazing people from my travels and learnt from their wisdom and life experiences. You can’t learn these things in school or from books, but rather from shared experiences and openness.  

Who are you now and how did you get there?

I am the Africa Director for a consultancy firm, Albany Associates, that works with people and communities in some of the toughest places in the world. We work closely with our local partners to build grassroots resilience to the drivers of crisis and conflict and to find home-grown solutions to the problems that cause them. 



statement necklace from designer Ami Doshi Shah, her pieces are centered on creating eclectic, statement adornments using locally sourced materials. This necklace has a sticking unmissable precious lavender stone.

Country: Kenya


I have always been active in human rights, from when I was in high school I took part in fundraising for various causes and even took part in a play called “Lovesick” that was raising awareness on HIV/AIDS in developing countries. I completed a Master’s degree in Human Rights and Democratization and received a fellowship to work at the Delegation of the European Union to the United Nation in New York, where I worked on UN resolutions focused on advancing the rights of people.


Why did you return to Africa:

I have always wanted to come back to the continent to work. When I completed my bachelor’s degree and was waiting to hear the outcome of my postgraduate application, I traveled to Tanzania to support my aunt’s charity. Zara Charity where I supported small-scale community projects with the aim of enhancing economic development in the communities, especially by supporting vulnerable groups.




During my Master programme, we had the opportunity to observe work in the field and traveled around in Kosovo and although there were opportunities to work in different countries and regions, I always wanted to contribute to the growth of Africa. After completing a competitive fellowship at the United Nation in New York, I landed at a consultancy firm with a predominant focus on Africa. To get a better grasp on the local issues the East Africa region faces, I moved to the region to lead and deliver on programmes.

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Photography by Paul Kidero