I Remember, Poem by Natacha Ntagara

I remember
 I remember a time
 when love didn't cost a dime
 it's currency was heart, mind and soul
nowadays the above are more relative fundamental principles for a crime
 Today I have to facebook you,
 follow you on twitter, google you,
 skype with you and then face time
you before I give you the opportunity
of the value of a dime
I remember a time
when life was still,
we hang out under the shades of palm trees
and talked about the future and what we would be
we sought counsel and planned to become...
Today we have a propensity for speed
life is faster than Hussein bolt and no one wants to be old
we plan our yesterdays, are surprised by our today and we wonder why
our tomorrow may be cold
we connect virtually; on newsfeeds, social networks and through other apps
I am surprised dinner is still served live- I could be wrong, perhaps!
I remember a time when love was like a dove instead of a garlic clove-
great until you really try it
and giving of our time face-to-face was no crime
and the future was WE not I
and speed was a collaborative tool to succeed
and not die in pursuit of independent glory for thine.
Today, let us remember that the old wineskins are of the past
let us bear up the cup of new wineskins
and create innovative milestones of memories exemplary for the present
and future generations
so that they could remember a time like today.
© Natacha Ntagara