Unique Gathering of Black Entrepreneurs


Press Release: Unique gathering of Black entrepreneurs, professionals, and change makers coming together to create wealth!

“Leaping towards prosperity” is the theme of the second edition of the International Black Economic Forum (IBEF) that will take place on the 3rd and 4th February 2018 at Montréal Sciences Centre in Montréal. The Forum is dedicated to the entrepreneurs, the professionals, the civic leaders, the students, and the scholars to strategize to create prosperous communities.

It is designed to educate, to provoke dialogue and create solutions that contribute to the improvement of Black people in their communities globally as well as to propel their businesses and careers. Under the honorary presidency of Frantz Saintellemy, the event will bring together entrepreneurs, experts, venture capital investment funds, incubator, thought leaders and policy makers. Participants will have two days of sharing experiences, meetings, innovative labs, masterclasses and pitch.

International Black Economic Forum

International Black Economic Forum

The Forum includes a series of labs to explore issues of economic empowerment for Black communities using the human centered-design approach. Those labs set out to develop concrete solutions regarding nine challenges such as innovation in education, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship to how to promote the importance of stem on a global level. The Labs are an opportunity for those who want to be on the front lines of change in our global society for long-term impact.

It also includes an intensive business school (IBS) with seasoned businessmen. Attendees will join other like-minded and CEOs and senior executives to gain first-hand access to roadmaps, training. The IBS is offering 4 programs: How to start and scale your business- Becoming and executive - Propelling your career with coding -Fructifying your money while investing.

The participants will attend high-level plenaries and discussions on the following topics on shared prosperity, innovation, innovative banking, diaspora global partnership and women’s in leaping towards prosperity. The 2nd edition will be held in partnership with the 3737 incubator and la Coop Fédérée.

2nd International Black Economic Forum (IBEF)Speakers:

• Deputy Premier & Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation &Minister responsible for the Digital Strategy

Dominique Anglade · Ministre de l’immigration Ahmed Hussen · Mairesse Valérie Plante. Ben Marc Diendéré · Chris Denson · Jacques Ulysse · Amina Gerba· Jean Orélien · Juge Donald Mcleod · Fatou N’diaye · François De Paul Nkombou · Jean-Claude Tshipama · Oumar Diallo · Madeleine Féquière · Jean St-Vil · Yacoubou Reki Moussa Hassane · Nolywé Delanon · Kevin Howell · Malik Shaheed · Ludger Saintellien · Fidele Toghoua

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The International Black Economic Forum is an innovative grassroots network aiming to accelerate wealth creation among Blacks at local, national and international level.


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