Moses Mutabaruka

Moses Mutabaruka Bio Rwandan Canadian entrepreneur, media maker, and community-builder Moses Mutabaruka is a man whose ingenuity, creativity and faith in humanity have allowed him to carve, from circumstances of struggle and migration, a life of passion, vision and enduring, Inexhaustible love for the continent of his birth.

While the unrest, violence and eventual genocide that befell Rwanda during the 1990’s left an indelible mark on Moses’ life and forced him to spend many years in refugee camps and slums of Nairobi, such experiences also gave him a deep commitment to ideas and manifestations of peace, justice, self-reliance and prosperity which still inspire and animate his life today.

In order to understand Moses Mutabaruka and the entrepreneurial spirit he now Exemplifies, one must first re-visit his experiences as a young boy of eight years old, when he lived in a Congolese refugee camp, and where he embarked on his very first business venture. He would buy a pack of cigarettes from a near-by market, and sell the cigarettes individually. He would later grow this small enterprise until it included the selling of full packs & boxes, sugarcanes and candies for other kids. By the time he left the camp, he had his own small stand, a “kiosk” among the many tents. Experiences like these honed Moses’ business sense and set him on the path of self-reliance, entrepreneurship and social awareness that has defined his adult life.

More recently, Moses has received the Canadian Association of Rwandan Youth’s entrepreneurship award (2014). His entrepreneurial spirit also led him to create The African Perspective (TAP) Magazine after being frustrated by seeing how Africa and Africans were often portrayed in global media. TAP is a Pan-African platform that tells African stories from an African perspective and its mission is to rebrand Africa. One story at a time.

The magazine aim is to expand the scope and narrative focus with which the lives, ambitions and accomplishments of African people are depicted. It helps present one of the world's most vibrant, dynamic and historically complex regions in a way that preserves its nuance, humanity and global significance.

Over the last two years, TAP has built a global & local network of accomplished and conscientious collaborators and strategic partners. For instance, TAP is an official media partner of the annual African Development Conference at Harvard University, Desautels African Business Initiative at McGill University, Manyatta Network, The East African Diasporic Business Council, East African Community and the African Union among other organizations.

In 2017, TAP reached over 7 Million Africans. Print magazines are distributed across East African embassies in North America & across retail supermarkets and in Uber partner in East Africa. Magazines are also distributed at major African conferences in US/Canada.

To give back to his adopted country of Canada, Moses spent four years working as a civil servant in the department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) where he received two back to back Deputy Minister Award of Merits for his service to Canadians.