O Brother, Thou Art But A Man.


Dare I say: it has become a woman’s world? In no way am I complaining, for I am a feminist myself. However I am also a young adult whose friends are mostly either married or on their way to that journey towards the ever so sanctified and revered holly matrimony, yet, many face unnecessary hurdles, because apparently sisters are forgetting their place at home, and brothers can not handle a sister who either earns more or is more qualified. What a feud!  

As the dynamics in the world outside the bedroom change, woman is becoming more and more empowered. Today there are fewer so called man-industries in which a sister can not make herself recognized and respected. Be it the Banking industry, Market Research, Social Services there will be a sister in a managerial position. In fact the roles are shifting so much that we even have male Personal Assistants; a brother holding this position would have been ridiculed shamefully 5 years ago.  Then comes time to open up to intimacy and building families where the bricks that laid the foundation incur egotistic earthquakes and all tumbles to the ground like it had no purpose. I wonder what it is that makes us give up so easily these days. Our mothers and fathers stuck it through thick and thin. 

What is in a job designation anyway? Truly, how does that change a person’s inner core characteristics? Yes, there are some of us who forget our humble beginnings, fill our heads with over confidence and forget to be courteous towards our spouses and friends, but you see these are challenges that we are supposed to tackle with understanding. Fundamentally, we are humans, not rocks, hence there will be growth, there will be changes, and there will be flaws. What is missing? Humility. The inability to put oneself in the other’s stead. And who is the culprit? The syndrome of ME, ME, ME.

Our societies are made up of individuals who are shaped primarily by the families they are reared in. If the family is not made first priority so that it serves its purpose and full functionality, then I am afraid I do not see much of a change in crime, delinquency, lack of direction and other malfunctions that we see today in our human race. After all, it is the family that shapes the individual, it is the family that helps trace the journey to adulthood, it is the family that teaches integrity, self-respect and confidence. These are all aspects that serve to help fight through this journey called life.

This article, serves to give the reader time to do introspection, room to reflect on what difference you are making in your community, in our society. As a sister, while success is at your door and it pleases mother earth to see you flourish into a queen, are you remembering that a king presides over a queen? As a brother, while you fight to provide for the nurturer of your home do you also remember that more than a helper, she is what makes you king?

You see ever since I can remember, I have heard and even been involved in organizations that serve women and children, it is always about the women and children, never the men; as if to say : “You are a man, suck it in!!!” are they less human perhaps? Forgive my sarcasm. Who teaches or trains the brother how to deal with his emotions, how does he nurse his ego when his companion forgets that he is the head of the house? Who helps lick his wounds when he has to accept being less of a man in societal terms? I am very aware that we have the modern man who does not frown upon being a stay-at-home-dad, I applaud those fathers who do not stay at home only to have affairs with the next door stay-at-home-mom. But I truly believe there should be organisations that teach our men on how to deal with the inevitable changes that families are going through.

Family is vital to produce members of society that will contribute and make a difference. Family is headed by man, and yes brother,Thou Art But A Man.