Shukri Janagale

What do you do when it hits you that you are living a plan B life? You seek out plan A because life is too short to settle for plan B.

Shukri Jaganale


For Shukri janagale plan A was travel and entrepreneurship.Taking the big step for Shukri meant leaving the comfort of teaching,uprooting her life in the US and taking the journey back to her motherland Somalia where her sister was already residing and her mother was moving back to.She could feel travel in her bones but how could she travel without starting with her own motherland,right?Hence her decision to start with Somalia.


Three months in Somalia turned into a year and counting. She has been able to continue growing her business and even her love of travel too. The fear of putting brush to canvas was something she had to get over in order to revert back to her natural state as a creative and  get back to her art after years .Her art draws inspiration from Somali culture,Somali fabrics and African cultures that she studied. Her art is available on here for purchase.

Shukri the Artist from Somalia