Press release; South African Youth Day in Ottawa


June 6 2016; South Africa Youth Day Press Release. The SARNA (South African Rainbow Nation Association) will be hosting a commemoration and celebration of the Soweto student uprising that happened on June 16th 1976. Students in the Soweto townships were marching against the repressive education policies that the government was trying to impose on them, mainly that Afrikaans would be the language of instruction for most subjects in primary and high school throughout black schools in the country. This  resulted in the deaths of over a hundred and seventy students. Today, 16 June is a South African public holiday celebrated as a "Youth Day". Celebrations are held country wide in order to empower individuals of all ethnicities in South Africa and to remember those who lost their lives.

In Ottawa, Canada, this years event will be held on the 19th of June at Ottawa City Hall and it will be a free event for everyone. Performances will include artists such as Sifa Choir, Jacqui du Toit and spoken word poet Cue Kirk. It promises to be a very entertaining Sunday afternoon.

SARNA is a non profit organization who's mandate is to promote the many diverse people of South Africa in a non racial manner and to promote South Africa in general.

Mfana Cele - President -SARNA