Jacky Ruto on her Modelling Journey

During a musical escapade TAP had the pleasure of being part of filming, we met the beautiful Jacky Ruto. You know us, we can’t pass up a chance to shine a spotlight on amazing talent when we see it. Here she is. Take it away Jacky…

Lights, Camera, Action! I love being in front of the camera. It makes me feel 'alive'.

Jacky Ruto.

Jacky Ruto.


I am Jacky Ruto; a Model currently signed and working under Loys Models in Cape Town. I am a  firstborn in a family of four; one sister and two brothers. I started modeling after my childhood friends convinced me that I was tall and slender and should try modeling. So I started by doing beauty pageants in 2011 though I didn't win any competition until 2013 when I clinched Miss Tourism Elgeyo Marakwet, which opened doors for me.

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Modeling in Kenya is both challenging and exciting. It can be a bit overwhelming when you are starting, at times you will have to do collaborations with photographers, stylists and makeup artists just to build your profile. At times the pay can be little so you will need to have something else on the side to sustain you. It can be considered a full time job if the jobs your booking pay enough to cater for the bills. Payment is usually a sticky matter. At times models who have more experience are paid more whether in runways or shoots. It's not hard per se maybe challenging though, satisfying in the end because you do all the work yourself but when you get a job the money is all yours! Being in agency is way better because the agency has more access to clients so more job opportunities, then with agencies they negotiate everything so you are paid what you deserve. When you are a freelance model you can under quote your price.

Jacky and Anto Neosoul on set for his music video.

Jacky and Anto Neosoul on set for his music video.


I love how diversity is now being embraced fully.We not only have the regular, tall and slim girls in the runway. Plus size models are taking over too, both in the fashion and commercial modeling. I have had an opportunity to also share a runway with models with albinism condition; a definite positive for the industry. In 2016 Babelyn Mukila who is deaf, was crowned Miss Tourism Mombasa! So we're doing well but there is still room for more.

Jacky Rutto model

I don’t want to model only. Ultimately, my goal is to have a talent company to nurture, manage and develop aspiring models. Just watch this space!

My two cents to someone wondering how to make it in the modelling industry is advise I took myself which is to build a strong model profile by working with as many photographers, stylists and makeup artists in the industry. Get exposure. Don't stay in one model market if  you can, travel and take your talent to the world! Be patient with your journey don't compare yourself to those who have made it. 'There's no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine at their own time'.

Oh, and don’t forget to exercise and eat healthy!